Key points differences in prisoner swap talks and calm in Gaza


Published: 2023-11-20 13:47

Last Updated: 2024-06-21 20:44

Key points differences in prisoner swap talks and calm in Gaza
Key points differences in prisoner swap talks and calm in Gaza

Following conflicting reports about an imminent prisoner swap deal coupled with a temporary lull between the Israeli Occupation and Hamas, the Islamic movement promptly denied them through its political bureau member abroad, Ezzat al-Reshq.

Hamas sources within Gaza had reportedly indicated the nearing of a "temporary truce" that excludes the northern part of the Gaza Strip. The deal reportedly involves the exchange of 50 captives held by the Palestinian resistance in Gaza for 50 children and women held in Israeli Occupation prisons.

Differences have marred the secret negotiations, according to reliable sources indicating that Hamas is insisting on a ceasefire lasting at least five days, while the Israeli Occupation is pushing for a shorter time frame. Hamas rejects a demand by the Israeli Occupation to include children up to 18 years old, insisting on limiting it to those under 17, according to sources.

Furthermore, the Israeli Occupation is demanding a list including the names of all civilians and military personnel not released in the initial agreement, while Hamas links such a demand to a parallel or subsequent agreement.

The Islamic Movement insists also that the Occupation Army refrain from any aerial sorties over Gaza during the calm.

It had previously announced its readiness to release 50 captives, potentially up to 70 children and women, in exchange for the release of 75 female prisoners and 200 children from Israeli Occupation prisons.

Qatar's Foreign Minister, who is overseeing the negotiations in coordination with Cairo and Washington, declared Sunday that the agreement hinged on minor logistical issues.

In a recent statement, the spokesperson for Hamas's military wing, Abu Ubaida, voiced readiness to release all prisoners in exchange for "clearing Israeli prisons." He revealed the presence of 200-250 Israeli Occupation captives in Gaza, with around 60 of them having lost their lives due to continuous shelling on the Strip.