Arrests as 'Israeli Forces' raid areas in West Bank


Published: 2023-11-21 10:02

Last Updated: 2024-06-24 17:26

Arrests as 'Israeli Forces' raid areas in West Bank
Arrests as 'Israeli Forces' raid areas in West Bank

Early Tuesday, confrontations broke out between Palestinian resistance fighters and Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF), who also carried out a series of arrests.

The IOF raided Qabatiya, south of Jenin, conducting house-to-house searches and smashing contents, leading to confrontations in the town.

IOF soldiers fired live ammunition, stun grenades, and tear gas during the clashes and arrested two young men, Hamada Jaber Zakarna and Laith Mohammad Kamil.

In the village of Mathalat Ashuhada, the IOF arrested Adi Fares Washahi after invading the village, searching his family's home, and destroying its contents.

The IOF also detained two young men, Diaa Husam Abarra, and Basel Kamil Aljabari, after entering the town of Yamun west of Jenin, conducting house searches, and smashing contents, resulting in confrontations in the town without reported injuries.

The IOF also invaded the Balata refugee camp east of Nablus, converting some rooftops into military observation points.

They also removed stalls and worked on the destruction and excavation of the market street, sparking violent confrontations between dozens of young men and IOF soldiers.

During the clashes, a young man was shot in the abdomen with live ammunition, and three others were arrested.

Soldiers arrested Diaa Raed Maatan (23) from the village of Barqa, east of Ramallah, as he passed through a military checkpoint at the entrance to the village.

Eight Palestinians were arrested in Hebron including Ayman and Shaker Aljundi, Khuzaymah Ghayth, Hudhayfah Nizar Ramadan, and three individuals were apprehended at Al-Mizan Hospital, including Mohammad Hazem Alqawasmi, who was beaten before being taken to detention.

In the town of Beit Ummar, the IOF arrested three young men: Ahmad Mahmoud Badr Abu Ayyash, Badr Ahmad Abu Ayyash, and Hamza Ibrahim Alkhatib Alzaaqiq.

They were taken to detention after being subjected to maltreatment.

The IOF also attacked Aamer Nasser Iskafi while he was passing through Bier Al-Sabe Street in the center of Hebron with his wife and children, detaining him for several hours.

These incidents follow a series of arrests and confrontations between Palestinians and the IOF, marking the ongoing tensions in the region.