Important announcement from Water Ministry


Published: 2023-12-02 16:25

Last Updated: 2024-02-25 01:37

Important announcement from Water Ministry
Important announcement from Water Ministry

The Ministry of Water and Irrigation, the Water Authority, and the Jordan Water Company (Miyahuna), the operator of the Disi Water Conveyance Project (Diwaaco), have announced that maintenance work will suspend the pumping of Disi water on Sunday morning December 10 until Thursday evening December 14 as part of the regular, scheduled, and preventive maintenance by Diwaaco on several facilities of the Disi water system.

The ministry emphasized that the suspension of water pumping from the Disi project aims to carry out periodic annual maintenance work to maintain the continuity of water pumping to all areas and subscribers. The planned interruption of water pumping from the Disi project will partially affect certain areas in the capital Amman and Zarqa.

The affected areas in Amman and Zarqa include various neighborhoods and districts. In Amman, it includes areas such as Wadi Al-Seer, Al-Rabahiah Al-Shamaliyah, Al-Shmisani, Arjan, Umm Al-Summaq, Al-Rawabi, Amman Sports City, Rabia, Yasmeen, Al-Baniyat, the area around Jabr Complex, the vicinity of Al-Hussein Gardens, Dahyet Al-Hussein, Al-Kursi, Jabal Amman, Lweibdeh, Al-Muqabalain, Dahyet Al-Amir Rashid, Al-Jandaweel, Abdoun, Tariq, Al-Harsha, Um Nuwara, Sahab, Dabouq, Deir Ghbar, Hay Al-Adnan, Sahelieh, Naour (Al-Balad), the entire Naour Governorate, Dahyet Al-Amir Rashid, Al-Jandaweel, Al-Abdali, Abu Alanda, Al-Qwaismeh, Khilda, Dahyet Al-Rasheed, Tlaa Al-Ali, Wadi Al-Haddadah, Al-Ulkumiyah, Nazehat Sahab, Al-Bayader, Hay Al-Mansour, Qarya Abu Sayah, Al-Manara, Al-Fayyadh, Al-Ronq, Hay Al-Rayan, Race Club, Um Uthaina, Abdaliyah, Khashefat Al-Dabayebah, and the vicinity of the Royal Scientific Society.

In the Zarqa Governorate, the affected areas are in the following neighborhoods: Iskan Al-Naqab, Iskan Al-Muallimeen, Iskan Al-Amir Hashim, Harat Abu Ghalyoun, Fakhoura, and parts of Al-Hussein neighbourhood.

The Ministry, the Water Authority, and Miyahuna called on citizens to take necessary precautions and be well-prepared during this week, storing sufficient quantities of water to meet their needs during the interruption period.

The Disi Water Conveyance Project is built on a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) system, where the project's operator is responsible for operating the project, maintaining all facilities, and conducting the necessary periodic maintenance to ensure its effectiveness throughout the year.