Nigerian army drone strike error kills civilians


Published: 2023-12-05 10:17

Last Updated: 2024-07-14 08:40

Nigerian army drone strike error kills civilians
Nigerian army drone strike error kills civilians

An army drone strike accidentally hit a village in northwestern Nigeria killing dozens of civilians celebrating a Muslim festival, local authorities, the military and residents said Monday.

Nigeria's armed forces did not provide details or a death toll for the strike late Sunday in Tudun Biri village, Kaduna State, but residents said dozens were killed and wounded.

Local officials also reported fatalities.

"Muslim faithful observing Maulud were mistakenly killed and many others injured following a military drone attack targeting terrorists and bandits," Kaduna State governor Uba Sani said, ordering an investigation.

"We buried 85 people that were killed in the bomb attack," said resident Idris Dahiru, whose relatives were among the dead.

He said more than 60 injured people were being treated in hospital.

"I was inside the house when the first bomb was dropped... We rushed to the scene to help those affected and then a second bomb was dropped," he added.

"My aunt, my brother's wife and her six children, wives of my four brothers were among the dead. My elder brother's family are all dead, except his infant child who survived."