What will the weather be like Wednesday?


Published: 2023-12-19 18:04

Last Updated: 2024-04-16 20:41

What will the weather be like Wednesday?
What will the weather be like Wednesday?

Temperatures in the eastern part of Jordan may drop to freezing or even below, especially in the early morning hours of Wednesday - per ArabiaWeather.

The formation of fog is “possible” after midnight, especially in the southern Badia region. The winds are expected to be southeastern and moderate in speed. Citizens are advised to wear warm winter clothing.

Weather will remain notably cold Wednesday night, with scattered clouds and moderate southeast winds occasionally intensifying, enhancing the feeling of cold.

Temperatures will be around the normal averages for this time of year. The weather will be relatively cold during Wednesday in various regions and cold in the mountains, with high-altitude clouds, winds will be southeasterly and moderate in speed, occasionally intensifying and increasing the sense of cold.

Tuesday night will be cold in various regions of Jordan, extremely cold in desert areas, eastern plains, and high mountainous areas.

ArabiaWeather confirmed earlier a Siberian high-pressure system affecting Jordan on Tuesday night with another drop in minimum temperatures expected.

Tuesday’s weather is anticipated to be cold in various regions and extremely cold in the eastern regions and high mountainous areas, with temperatures expected to hover around freezing and possibly below in the eastern regions.