Smuggling challenges persist at northern borders


Published: 2024-01-09 09:41

Last Updated: 2024-06-14 07:33

Smuggling challenges persist at northern borders
Smuggling challenges persist at northern borders

Efforts to smuggle across the northern borders of Jordan have persisted in recent years, particularly escalating after confrontations involving the Syrian army and various armed groups, said prominent journalist Ramadan Al-Rawashdeh.

Rawashdeh told Roya that for the past four years, smuggling operations have significantly intensified. He pointed out that previously, smuggling operations were carried out individually, but with the implementation of the Arab Army's engagement rules, there have been unprecedented attacks in recent months.

He indicated that the attacks involved a varying number of smugglers ranging from 200 to 300 occurring at several locations along the 375-kilometer Jordanian-Syrian border.

Al-Rawashdeh pointed out that smuggling attempts included the infiltration of smugglers and Iran-backed militias into the Jordanian border.

He emphasized that Jordan is facing a battle with smugglers in southern Syria due to the lack of security and the presence of Iranian militias attempting to smuggle drugs, particularly to Saudi Arabia. He clarified that investigations conducted with recently arrested smugglers have confirmed this.

Al-Rawashdeh called for the necessity of standing by Jordan and supporting the Arab Army, considering that it is not only defending its borders but also confronting broader security challenges.