Two low-pressure systems to affect Jordan


Published: 2024-01-10 21:08

Last Updated: 2024-04-21 08:46

Two low-pressure systems to affect Jordan
Two low-pressure systems to affect Jordan

A low-pressure system will begin affecting Jordan in the northern regions on Wednesday night.

Jamal Al-Musa, ArabiaWeather’s meteorologist, in statements to “Roya TV,” said that rainfall will start in the northern regions and gradually extend to the central parts of Jordan.

Al-Musa confirmed that Jordan will be impacted by another low-pressure system on Sunday, with its influence starting on the kingdom Sunday morning.

The effect of the low-pressure system will persist on Jordan on Friday, keeping the weather cold with a chance of rainfall - he added.

Wednesday night, weather will be cold throughout the kingdom, with clouds gradually forming, according to ArabiaWeather.

Rainfall is expected to begin in the northern regions, with the precipitation gradually extending towards the central parts of the kingdom, in addition to the highlands of Tafilah and Karak. The winds are anticipated to be moderate-speed southwest winds.