Complaints arise over street lighting in Jordan


Published: 2024-01-11 15:39

Last Updated: 2024-06-22 02:04

Complaints arise over street lighting in Jordan
Complaints arise over street lighting in Jordan

As winter comes every year, citizens consistently voice complaints regarding poor or nonexistent street lighting on various roads in different governorates across the Kingdom.

This issue is of particular concern due to the long hours of darkness that areas experience during the winter.

Responsibility for road lighting is split up; with the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) handling urban areas, the Ministry of Public Works and Housing managing external roads, and municipalities taking charge of illuminating roads within their respective areas.

Nasser Al-Rahamneh, the municipality's spokesperson told Roya that most roads under the municipality's lighting responsibility have “timers.”

Al-Rahamneh explained that these timers are programmed to activate road lighting or turn it off based on the sunrise and sunset times, meaning that these roads are not affected by changing seasons or variations in sunrise and sunset times.

This clarification came in response to complaints from Jordanians aired on Roya regarding the timing of turning off street lights in some neighborhoods of Amman, while daylight saving time is still in effect, especially since sunrise around 7:15 am.

Citizens reported to Roya earlier that some street lights on key roads, such as the Airport Road, weren’t on in the early morning hours of Thursday

This coincided with the Kingdom being affected by a low-pressure system, rainfall, and the formation of fog - all considered dangerous for drivers.

The municipality clarified to Roya that the lighting of the airport road is the responsibility of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing.

Citizens called upon the relevant authorities to reconsider their decision to turn off the lights at 7 am, considering it is relatively dark in this period. They also renewed calls to drop daylight saving time and return to standard time.