Rainfall to continue, caution advised


Published: 2024-01-11 19:03

Last Updated: 2024-04-16 21:12

Rainfall to continue, caution advised
Rainfall to continue, caution advised

Satellite images indicate the continued influx of rainy clouds to various parts of northern and central Jordan, possibly reaching parts of Karak - as reported by ArabiaWeather.

The forecast anticipates the continuation of the low-pressure system’s impact on Jordan Thursday night, accompanied by a cold and moist air mass. Further decreases in nighttime temperatures are expected.

The weather is expected to be cold, cloudy, and intermittently rainy in different parts of northern and central Jordan. These rains can be heavy at times, and fog may form during the night hours over many high mountainous areas due to the passage of low-lying clouds touching the ground, leading to reduced horizontal visibility.

In light of these conditions, it is recommended to stay away from valleys, streams, and flood channels, especially in low-lying areas; be cautious of reduced visibility due to fog and low-lying clouds over high mountainous areas; and use heating methods with caution.

The low-pressure system is expected to continue affecting Jordan on Friday, keeping the weather cold and cloudy with a chance of varying-intensity rainfall at times in parts of northern and central regions of the kingdom, occasionally extending towards the highlands of Karak.

Fog is expected to form Friday morning over high mountainous areas, and the winds will be moderate westerly, picking up in speed in the afternoon and causing dust stirring in some desert areas, especially in the east.

By Friday night and early Saturday, the weather will be cold and cloudy with a chance of rainfall, especially in the north of the kingdom. The winds will be moderate southwesterly, and the forecasts indicate the weather stabilizing by Saturday daytime.

Preliminary forecasts suggest that Jordan will be affected by an another low-pressure system accompanied by a cold air mass on Sunday.