Rainfall to continue overnight until Monday


Published: 2024-01-13 18:04

Last Updated: 2024-04-20 21:19

Rainfall to continue overnight until Monday
Rainfall to continue overnight until Monday

Jordan is expected to be affected by a cold and moist air mass starting Saturday night, leading to scattered rain showers from time to time, especially in the northern and central regions. A decrease in temperatures is anticipated, making the weather generally cold - as forecasted by ArabiaWeather.

Details indicate that Saturday’s night weather will be cold with scattered clouds appearing in the sky across the country. Clouds will increase late at night, turning the weather cloudy in the northern and central regions and some southern highlands.

Chances for rain will gradually increase during the late night hours and early Sunday. Fog formation is anticipated during the pre-dawn and early morning hours over mountainous elevations and parts of the desert regions. Winds will be moderate in speed, occasionally becoming active, coming from the southwest.

On Sunday, a drop in temperature is expected, resulting in cold weather with intermittent rain in parts of the northern and central regions and some southern highlands. Fog and low-hanging clouds are anticipated over mountainous elevations in the north, central, and southern regions. Westerly winds of moderate speed, occasionally becoming active, are expected.

During Sunday night, the weather will be cold in various regions, with intermittent rain in the north and central parts of the country. Fog may form occasionally over mountainous elevations, especially during the late night hours. Winds will be light from the west.

On Monday, the weather will remain relatively cold overall and cold in the mountains. The weather will be partially cloudy to cloudy at times, with the chance of scattered rain showers in the northern and some central regions.

The likelihood of rain decreases during the evening and night hours. The weather will be cold to very cold in some areas, with a possibility of frost forming on Tuesday morning in the desert areas, eastern plains, and mountainous elevations, where the minimum temperatures approach freezing.

The following recommendations were issued due to the upcoming weather conditions: attention is urged due to reduced visibility over mountainous elevations due to fog and low-hanging clouds; beware of the possibility of streamflow in valleys due to rain; use heating appliances safely; wear heavy winter clothing.