Rainfall expected in several areas in Jordan Tuesday


Published: 2024-01-23 11:49

Last Updated: 2024-04-20 12:15

Rainfall expected in several areas in Jordan Tuesday
Rainfall expected in several areas in Jordan Tuesday

Arabia Weather website stated on Tuesday that rain clouds are moving towards parts of northern and central Jordan, bringing varying intensities of rain in the upcoming hours.

The report mentioned that a first-degree depression is affecting Jordan, causing rain in the early hours over the northwestern areas of Irbid Governorate. The impact of this depression is expected to persist until Wednesday, with cold, cloudy, and rainy weather intermittently.

Arabia Weather warned of reduced horizontal visibility, especially in high mountain areas, emphasizing caution while driving.

Multiple weather depressions are anticipated to affect Jordan. The first is expected on Tuesday and Wednesday, resulting in a depression accompanied by a cold air mass classified as the lowest degree.

The second depression is forecasted for Thursday, causing air instability and potential rain showers in certain areas.

Later in the week, on Friday and Saturday, the latest weather maps indicate the arrival of a colder air mass, forming a third air depression likely classified as a second-degree normal depression.

This could lead to a significant temperature drop and more intense and widespread rainfall, possibly accompanied by hail in some areas. Snow showers may occur over the peaks of the southern mountains.