Heavy rainfall forecasted in Jordan


Published: 2024-01-26 10:25

Last Updated: 2024-06-24 18:01

Heavy rainfall forecasted in Jordan
Heavy rainfall forecasted in Jordan

Several areas in the capital, Amman, and many provinces are experiencing heavy rainfall, accompanied by fog at higher elevations.

This comes as intermittent rain showers in the morning hours, with an anticipated air front crossing starting from Friday afternoon, begin in the north of Jordan.

This front is expected to be accompanied by extremely heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, and hail.

During afternoon and late hours of Friday, the air front will continue to move, reaching the capital, Amman, and the central regions. This will bring heavy rain showers, marking the peak of precipitation, according to Arabia Weather. 

Heavy rain may lead to significant runoff in valleys and streams, potentially causing flooding in some areas and water level rise.

As the night approaches, the air front is expected to complete its passage, extending the rainfall to the Karak governorate. The precipitation will intensify and become heavy in the pre-midnight hours, also reaching the Tafilah governorate. This will be accompanied by the occasional fall of hail, especially over high mountainous areas.

Meanwhile, the Public Security Directorate renewed its call for adherence to safety and precautionary measures during the weather depression.

The Directorate emphasized the importance of staying away from water gathering sites, streams, and valleys. It also urged against taking risks by crossing water gatherings and streams with vehicles or on foot, advising caution while driving, avoiding high speeds, and adhering to traffic rules, especially when visibility is reduced due to fog, windy conditions carrying dust, or rainfall.

The Directorate also stressed the safe and proper use of heating methods of all kinds, ensuring adequate ventilation from time to time.

Furthermore, it encouraged contacting the unified emergency number 911 throughout the Kingdom when in need.