Hail expected in central, northern Jordan


Published: 2024-01-26 16:15

Last Updated: 2024-06-24 17:46

Hail expected in central, northern Jordan
Hail expected in central, northern Jordan

The Jordan Meteorological Department expects the most effective part of the third-degree low-pressure system to impact Jordan in the coming hours, accompanied by heavy rain and hail, especially in the northern and central regions of the Kingdom.

Satellite images indicate that the low-pressure system is currently centered to the east of the island of Cyprus, accompanied by a cold front crossing the north of Jordan and on its way to pass through the central parts of the country in the coming hours.

As this cold air front passes, it is expected that rainfall will intensify in the northern and central regions of Jordan, including Amman. The rain is anticipated to be extremely heavy and accompanied by thunderstorms at times, with the possibility of hail, which could be dense, especially over high mountainous areas.

Jordan Meteorological Department warned of a significant rise in water levels, river flow, and the occurrence of floods in low-lying areas and slopes, some of which may be swift, due to these weather conditions.

During the night, the passage of the cold air front through Jordan's atmosphere will gradually be completed. Cold and cloudy weather, along with some rain showers, will extend to the Karak governorate. Additionally, it will spread to parts of the Tafilah governorate, accompanied by occasional hail showers.