Hail expected Monday afternoon


Published: 2024-01-29 10:42

Last Updated: 2024-04-21 07:41

Hail expected Monday afternoon
Hail expected Monday afternoon

Weather forecasts indicated the possibility of rain showers accompanied by thunderstorms and hail during the afternoon hours on Monday - as reported by ArabiaWeather.

Jordan continues to be affected by a low-pressure system classified as a “second degree,” per ArabiaWeather’s classification system, cold weather will persist across most areas and mountainous regions experiencing colder weather.

Rain might fall intermittently in parts of northern and central Jordan, as well as some eastern and northern parts of the southern regions.

It was noted that further temperature drops are expected on Monday night/Tuesday, with the weather remaining cold and cloudy in most areas, later turning extremely cold in the high mountainous regions, especially in the south.

Forecasts indicate continued intermittent rain in northern and central Jordan and parts of the southern regions, with the possibility of heavy rainfall at times, especially after midnight and accompanied by occasional hail, particularly over elevated areas.

The website pointed out that low-hanging clouds touching the surface will fog to form intermittently in high mountainous areas.

Tuesday, temperatures will remain cooler than usual for this time of the year by several degrees. The weather will be cold and variable between partly cloudy and mostly cloudy, with the chance of rain showers, especially in the north of the kingdom. Winds will be moderate to brisk, potentially causing dust stirring in some desert areas.

The weather conditions are expected to change starting from Tuesday/Wednesday night, with a further drop in nighttime temperatures, turning the weather extremely cold in several areas.