Greater Amman Municipality declares “moderate state of emergency”


Published: 2024-02-02 10:34

Last Updated: 2024-04-20 20:11

Greater Amman Municipality declares “moderate state of emergency”
Greater Amman Municipality declares “moderate state of emergency”

The Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) has declared a state of “moderate emergency” starting Friday morning to deal with the forecasted weather conditions expected to affect Jordan..

GAM’s spokesperson, Nasser Al-Rahamneh, stated that the municipality's teams are field-ready to handle any reports received at the emergency room located in Tlaa Al-Ali.

Citizens are urged to report any observations or issues by calling the unified call center numbers (102 and 117180).

Amman Municipality emphasized the importance of caution and avoiding riverbeds and low-lying areas. It urged residents not to connect house drains to sewage manholes to prevent flooding in the streets. Citizens are also advised not to dispose of waste randomly to avoid blocking rainwater drainage lines.

Furthermore, residents are encouraged to inspect submerged pumps in buildings located below street level. Business owners are advised to take preventive measures when storing goods in warehouses and basement levels.

The municipality appealed to contractors and project owners to secure construction materials to prevent them from drifting and directly causing the closure of rainwater drainage lines.

According to ArabiaWeather, Jordan is expected to be affected by a second-degree weather depression on Friday. Rainfall is anticipated in the central and southern governorates, with occasional snowfall on high mountainous areas. Rainfall is expected to commence on Friday morning, concentrating more in the central and southern regions, with the possibility of some rain in the northern and eastern areas.