Joe Biden posts bizarre “laser eyes” meme on “X”


Published: 2024-02-12 14:06

Last Updated: 2024-07-14 11:32

Joe Biden posts bizarre “laser eyes” meme on “X”
Joe Biden posts bizarre “laser eyes” meme on “X”

US President Joe Biden, on his personal “X” account, posted a picture of himself with “laser eyes” in reference to the widely-circulated “Dark Brandon” meme used by Republicans in the US political Sphere to criticize Biden.

The meme is also a reference to the Republican conspiracy theory that Taylor Swift is a “plant” by the democrats to be used to help sway the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

It came into prominence after Taylor Swift started dating Travis Kelce, an American football player with the Kansas City Chiefs, a team that recently won the 58th superbowl held today, Monday.

The shadowy conspiracy theory alleges that Taylor Swift and her partner are psy-op created to trick Americans into supporting the Democratic party, and that the recent Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl win is also pre-planned to put Taylor Swift into the spotlight to maximize the effect of endorsing Joe Biden ahead of the upcoming elections.

Swift, during the 2020 elections, vowed to kick then-president Donald Trump out of office and officially endorsed Joe Biden - she’s expected to vote democrat and publicly endorse Joe Biden again some time this year.