Thunderstorms, rain forecasted Tuesday


Published: 2024-02-13 09:50

Last Updated: 2024-04-21 03:02

Thunderstorms, rain forecasted Tuesday
Thunderstorms, rain forecasted Tuesday

Mild weather is expected across most parts of Jordan on Tuesday, with relatively warm conditions in the Jordan Valley, Dead Sea, and Aqaba, with clouds forming at medium and high altitudes, according to a report from the Meteorological Department.

Jordan is experiencing scattered showers and a drop in temperatures, influenced by a low-pressure system centered over the island of Cyprus.

The forecast indicates rain showers of variable intensity accompanied by thunder, with moderate southwesterly winds.

As for Wednesday, the Meteorological Department anticipates a noticeable drop in temperatures and cloudy skies, with intermittent rainfall expected in most areas, accompanied by thunder and hail showers.

The department warned of the possibility of flash floods in valleys and low-lying areas, with active west winds likely to stir dust, especially in desert regions.

Thursday may see heavy rainfall in some areas, particularly in southern regions of the kingdom, accompanied by thunder and hail showers.

Weather conditions are expected to be cold and partly to mostly cloudy on Friday, with rainfall forecasted in many areas. Heavy rainfall is anticipated at times in southern Jordan, including Aqaba, accompanied by thunder and occasional hail showers, with northwest winds likely to be brisk.

Temperature highs and lows on Tuesday range from 20 to 10 degrees Celsius in eastern Amman, 18 and eight in western Amman, 16 and eight in northern highlands, 15 and seven in Al-Sharah highlands, 21 and eight in desert areas, 20 and 10 in plains, 24 and 13 in northern valleys, 26 and 15 in southern valleys, 25 and 14 at the Dead Sea, and 26 and 14 in the Gulf of Aqaba.