Houthi leader raises alarm on 'Israeli' ambitions in Sinai


Published: 2024-02-15 17:44

Last Updated: 2024-04-16 04:32

Houthi leader raises alarm on 'Israeli' ambitions in Sinai
Houthi leader raises alarm on 'Israeli' ambitions in Sinai

Houthi leader Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi has emphasized that statements coming from leaders and officers within the Israeli Occupation reveal their ambitions in Sinai and their targeted focus on the region, thereby highlighting the potential threat posed to Egyptian national security by the conspiracy against Rafah.

Al-Houthi has raised questions regarding Arab support for Gaza in exchange for American backing of the Israeli Occupation, citing the recent announcement of a USD 14 billion package by the American president as the latest example.

Furthermore, he has underscored the ongoing nature of the fronts supporting Gaza in Lebanon, Iraq, and Yemen, with Hezbollah's operations in Lebanon continuously escalating and applying pressure on the "Israeli" adversary. Despite American targeting, Al-Houthi noted that the fighters in Iraq have remained resilient, refusing to surrender or retreat.

Al-Houthi has also highlighted the enduring strength and influence of the Yemeni front, despite the aggressive actions of the American and British forces supporting the Israeli Occupation. He explained that the American-British aggression has failed to achieve its objectives, as even the adversaries themselves acknowledge.

In addition, Al-Houthi stated that American and British adversaries recognize the significant impact of the Yemeni front in supporting Gaza against the Israeli Occupation and its economy. This acknowledgment, he suggests, has led to the involvement of Americans and British in supporting the Israeli Occupation, ultimately exposing their failure to implement an effective deterrence strategy.

The impact of Houthi attacks is believed to have effectively disrupted the movement of ships linked to the Israeli Occupation, resulting in a significant hindrance to their intended destinations. This underscores the notion that the previous dynamic of American threats and others' passive acquiescence has been fundamentally altered.

It is noted that there exist individuals who refuse to bow to American pressure or yield to its intimidation tactics. Instead, they steadfastly and genuinely stand in solidarity with their fellow countrymen and the Palestinian populace. This shift in stance reflects a strategic reorientation and the emergence of new dynamics that favor our nation, he said. 

"We anticipate that this will embolden other nations to pursue the independent course necessary for our people and nation, particularly in light of America's past successes beyond its aspirations," explaining that the Israeli Occupation has been among the primary beneficiaries of commercial traffic through the Red Sea.

Imports and exports associated with the Israeli Occupation amounted to approximately USD 133 billion via the Bab el-Mandeb Strait, according to official Israeli Occupation statistics for the year 2020.