What will weather be like Saturday?


Published: 2024-02-17 10:58

Last Updated: 2024-04-16 13:41

What will weather be like Saturday?
What will weather be like Saturday?

Rain clouds are moving towards areas in northern Jordan, specifically parts of the governorates of Irbid and Ajloun - per ArabiaWeather.

They will be accompanied by varying intensities of rain in parts of northern, central, southern, and eastern regions of the kingdom.

Weather will fluctuate and be cloudy, with moderate to brisk westerly winds.

The Meteorological Department indicated that the weather will be cold in most areas, with fog especially over the mountains, with clouds appearing at different altitudes.

The Meteorological Department suggested the possibility of occasional rain showers in northern and central Jordan, with westerly winds intermittently active.

The Department forecasted a low chance of rain showers in limited parts of the eastern and southwestern regions of Jordan.

According to the Meteorological Department, the maximum and minimum temperatures on Saturday in East Amman range between 13 and six degrees Celsius, in West Amman 11 and four, in the northern highlands nine and four, in the Sharah highlands eight and five, in the Badia regions 15 and six, in the plains 14 and seven, in the northern valleys 19 and 11, in the southern valleys 22 and 14, in the Dead Sea 21 and 13, and in the Gulf of Aqaba 23 and 15 degrees Celsius.