Fog, rain, reduced visibility forecasted in Jordan


Published: 2024-02-19 19:19

Last Updated: 2024-04-21 03:01

Fog, rain, reduced visibility forecasted in Jordan
Fog, rain, reduced visibility forecasted in Jordan

Fog is expected to form in several areas in Jordan tonight, Monday, with chances of rainfall in some areas on Tuesday- per ArabiaWeather’s forecasts.

The weather tonight will be cold across Jordan, with opportunities for scattered rainfall in some areas.

Fog will particularly form tonight during the early hours of dawn over the eastern plains and some mountainous areas. Caution is advised due to reduced visibility and maintaining a safe distance between vehicles and driving cautiously on the roads is recommended. Winds will be light to moderate, coming from the southwest.

A slight increase in temperatures is expected on Tuesday, with maximum temperatures in the capital, Amman, reaching around 13 degrees Celsius. The weather will remain relatively cold to cool overall, partly to occasionally mostly cloudy, with chances of localized rainfall in parts of the north and central regions of the kingdom. Winds will be moderate westerlies.

During Tuesday’s night, stable weather is expected across all areas, with generally cold temperatures. Minimum temperatures in Amman will drop to around seven degrees Celsius, with light to moderate northwesterly winds. Fog formation is also possible in parts of the eastern plains.