Jordan, Canada to advance development cooperation agenda


Published: 2024-02-22 15:38

Last Updated: 2024-04-16 18:01

Jordan, Canada to advance development cooperation agenda
Jordan, Canada to advance development cooperation agenda

Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, Zeina Toukan, met with Canadian Minister of Development, Ahmed Hussen, during his visit to the Kingdom.

The meeting discussed the ongoing development cooperation program with the Canadian side within the framework of supporting the Middle East.

Toukan expressed gratitude to the Canadian government for its continuous support in prioritizing development initiatives in the Kingdom, particularly in the fields of education - both vocational and technical - economic development, women's empowerment, and alleviating the burdens of hosting Syrian refugees.

She commended this support and its role in assisting the implementation of several development priorities within the framework of the economic modernization vision and its derived executive program for the years 2023-2025.

Progress on the implementation of projects supported by the Canadian government was also reviewed.

Toukan emphasized the importance of this support in implementing targeted programs with added value that contribute to the national development journey.

During the meeting, arrangements related to announcing a package of development projects to support developmental priorities during the years 2024-2025, worth approximately 95 million Canadian dollars, were finalized.

These projects span the sectors of education, environment, energy, digitalization, entrepreneurship, and women's economic empowerment. Signing agreements for these new projects is expected before the end of next March.

Among the prominent new projects to be supported by Canada are the support project for the Aqaba Marine Reserve, teacher training program, support for the strategic plan for the education sector, transition to vocational and technical education project, and projects to enhance sustainable energy and economic development.

The Minister outlined the economic and developmental priorities for the upcoming period, particularly in the education, water, and women's economic participation sectors. She emphasized the continued importance of considering Jordan as a priority country for Canadian development assistance, aiming to enhance the Kingdom's capacity to implement developmental projects that positively impact targeted groups, including the priority of supporting the national water carrier project.

She underscored the significance of international support for Jordan's response plan to the Syrian crisis, aiming to support the Jordanian government's efforts in providing basic services to refugees and host communities. Additionally, discussions revolved around Jordan's continued utilization of international concessional financing mechanisms, benefiting refugee-hosting countries, including Jordan.

On his part, Canadian Minister of Development Hussen, highlighted that the new Canadian assistance package to the Kingdom would support important projects under the executive program of the economic modernization vision.

He commended Jordan's regional role, especially regarding hosting Syrian refugees, affirming Canada's commitment to continue supporting the Kingdom's developmental priorities due to the exceptional relations between the two friendly countries at all levels, particularly in education, vocational and technical training, and women's economic empowerment sectors.

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