Hebrew media reveals new details regarding truce negotiations


Published: 2024-02-24 19:52

Last Updated: 2024-04-23 19:54

Hebrew media reveals new details regarding truce negotiations
Hebrew media reveals new details regarding truce negotiations

Hebrew sources have disclosed recent discussions regarding a truce agreement in Gaza between Israeli Occupation Forces and Hamas.

Reports from Israeli Occupation media said that the negotiations have tacitly agreed on several points, including the release of around 40 "Israeli" women, elderly individuals, and the infirm in exchange for freeing hundreds of Palestinian detainees falling into similar categories.

Additionally, the Israeli Occupation side is reportedly willing to release a greater number of detainees from certain groups than previously agreed upon. They also propose a temporary ceasefire lasting six weeks, during which no gunfire would occur.

The sources further indicate Israeli Occupation's readiness to engage in discussions concerning Palestinians released in the Shalit deal who were subsequently rearrested. Israeli Occupation is also showing flexibility regarding humanitarian issues, such as Gaza's reconstruction and the return of residents to the northern area.

However, it emphasized that Israeli Occupation does not intend to cease aggression on Gaza permanently.

Previously, Hamas had stated that its conditions for accepting a ceasefire included allowing aid entry, ending aggression definitively, facilitating Gaza's reconstruction, and the withdrawal of Israeli Occupation Forces from the territory.

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