What will weather be like Monday night, Tuesday?


Published: 2024-02-26 15:47

Last Updated: 2024-04-23 20:43

What will weather be like Monday night, Tuesday?
What will weather be like Monday night, Tuesday?

Monday night, the weather across various regions will be cold with moderate to high clouds forming, and the winds will be light to moderate and southeasterly, occasionally picking up in the eastern desert areas - per Arabiaweather.

Tuesday, there will be a slight decrease in temperatures, and Jordan will gradually be affected by a state of atmospheric instability during the day. Clouds will gradually increase, and scattered showers are expected in various parts of the kingdom, accompanied by occasional thunderstorms.

The winds will be moderate southwesterly to westerly, occasionally becoming active and causing dust to rise in desert and eastern plain areas.

By Tuesday night, the chances of rain will diminish across various regions, with the possibility of scattered showers remaining in the far east of Jordan. The winds will be light northwesterly to northeasterly.

Warnings of dust stirring on desert roads and eastern plains have been issued, as well as the formation of floods in parts of the northern and eastern desert areas.