Temperatures to dip near zero in Jordan


Published: 2024-02-27 11:42

Last Updated: 2024-05-25 12:43

Temperatures to dip near zero in Jordan
Temperatures to dip near zero in Jordan

Jordan is forecasted to be affected by a Siberian high-pressure system at the end of this week, accompanied by easterly winds that may stir up dust in some areas of the country - per ArabiaWeather.

Rising temperatures are expected on Wednesday, with cold weather during the nighttime and early morning hours.

Temperatures are expected to approach zero on Thursday and Friday in some areas of Jordan.

The Siberian high-pressure system is expected to linger through the weekend, keeping the weather relatively cold during the daytime and lowering temperatures at night.

Warnings of southeast winds blowing towards Jordan have been issued, as it stirs up dust and increases the sensation of cold noticeably.

Strong southeast winds are expected, sometimes accompanied by powerful gusts, which will further enhance the feeling of cold, especially during the nighttime and morning hours. These winds may stir up dust and increase dust in western areas, including mountainous regions, the Shafa Ghouriya areas, the Jordan Valley, and the Dead Sea.

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