10-year-old child strangled to death in Amman


Published: 2024-02-29 09:36

Last Updated: 2024-05-21 06:42

10-year-old child strangled to death in Amman
10-year-old child strangled to death in Amman

The spokesperson for the Public Security Directorate (PSD) stated that a report was received by the operations room of the South Amman Police Department Wednesday evening, indicating the disappearance of a 10-year-old child in the Naour area - before later finding the body and apprehending the suspect.

In a statement received by Roya, the security authorities confirmed that an investigative team from the Criminal Investigation Department and the South Amman Police swiftly tracked down the perpetrator, leading to their arrest. Investigations have commenced, with preparations underway for their referral to the judiciary.

The security statement added that the child was found murdered after being strangled by an unidentified assailant.

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