Palestinian suffering from cancer dies in 'Israeli' prison


Published: 2024-02-29 11:28

Last Updated: 2024-05-26 20:58

Asif Al-Rifai
Asif Al-Rifai

In a joint statement issued on Thursday, the Commission of Detainees Affairs and the Palestinian Prisoners Society announced the martyrdom of Asif Al-Rifai, a 22-year-old prisoner from the town of Kafr Ein in Ramallah, who was suffering from cancer, inside the prisons of the Israeli Occupation.

Al-Rifai had been detained since September 24, 2022, and he died after being transferred from the Ramla Prison Clinic to the Israeli hospital Asaf Harofeh.

With Al-Rifai's martyrdom, the number of movement martyrs has risen to 11 since October 7, the latest being Ezz al-Din Al-Banna from Gaza, who suffered from paralysis.

The statement highlighted that the escalation in the number of martyr prisoners in the Israeli Occupation's prisons since October 7 is a result of torture operations, systematic retaliatory measures, and medical crimes. This reflects a clear decision to kill prisoners and detainees within the framework of ongoing genocide in Gaza and comprehensive aggression.

Various human rights organizations have repeatedly urged international bodies to intervene and stop the systematic crime of enforced disappearance. The Israeli Occupation aims to perpetrate further crimes against Gaza detainees without oversight and in secrecy.

Additionally, laws have been manipulated to facilitate such actions, with specific regulations targeting Gaza detainees gaining approval.

The Israeli Occupation admitted to executing one detainee, whose identity remains undisclosed, with no information provided to relevant authorities.

Moreover, Israeli Occupation media reported the martyrdom of a group of detainees in the Sde Teiman detention center in Be'er Sheva, without revealing their identities or the circumstances surrounding their martyrdom.

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