2,627 massacres perpetrated since onset of 'Israeli' aggression on Gaza, reports Media Office


Published: 2024-02-29 17:16

Last Updated: 2024-05-21 10:05

Debris left behind by Israeli Occupation's aggression
Debris left behind by Israeli Occupation's aggression

The Government Media Office in the Gaza Strip released an update on Thursday, highlighting crucial statistics regarding the ongoing war initiated by the Israeli Occupation against the Gaza Strip, now reaching its 146th day.

Since the commencement of the Israeli Occupation aggression, a staggering 2,627 massacres have been perpetrated by the Israeli Occupation army.

The office further elaborated that this aggression has resulted in the loss of 37,139 lives, including martyrs and missing persons, with a distressing 13,230 being children. Among them, seven children fell victim to famine, alongside 8,860 female martyrs.

Providing insight into the casualties among medical teams, the office disclosed that 340 members have tragically lost their lives due to the aggression, among them 47 from the civil defense, while also acknowledging the sacrifice of 132 journalists.

The report highlighted the plight of 7,000 missing persons, predominantly comprising children and women, alongside 71,217 injured individuals. Moreover, it shed light on 17,000 children now orphaned or separated from their parents, and 11,000 wounded individuals urgently requiring medical treatment for life-threatening conditions.

Furthermore, the report outlined the dire health situation, with 10,000 cancer patients facing imminent danger, 700,000 grappling with infectious diseases due to displacement, and 8,000 afflicted with viral hepatitis infections for the same reason.

The office emphasized the vulnerability of 60,000 pregnant women lacking adequate healthcare, along with 350,000 chronic patients facing risks due to medication shortages. Additionally, it highlighted 99 cases of medical personnel arrests and 10 cases of detained journalists.

In terms of infrastructure devastation, the Israeli Occupation razed 160 government buildings, 100 schools and universities entirely, while partially destroying 305 educational institutions and 211 mosques. Furthermore, three churches and 70,000 housing units were completely demolished, with an additional 290,000 housing units partially destroyed and deemed uninhabitable.

Amidst the aggression, the Israeli Occupation deployed 70,000 tons of explosives onto Gaza, resulting in 31 hospitals and 53 health centers rendered inoperative. Additionally, 154 health institutions were partially targeted, 124 ambulances destroyed, and 200 archaeological and heritage sites damaged or destroyed.

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