Arab League strongly condemns latest Israeli Occupation massacre in Gaza


Published: 2024-03-01 11:14

Last Updated: 2024-04-22 08:56

Palestinians carrying a martyr
Palestinians carrying a martyr

The Arab League vehemently denounced the heinous massacre perpetrated by Israeli Occupation forces at the Nabulsi roundabout in northern Gaza, which tragically claimed the lives of more than 100 Palestinians and left over 700 injured.

Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul Gheit expressed profound dismay, labeling the atrocity as a barbaric act characterized by brutality and an utter disregard for human life.

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He decried the ongoing targeting of civilians by Israeli Occupation forces, branding such actions as flagrant violations of international law and constituting both war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Aboul Gheit emphasized the grave humanitarian situation in Gaza, exacerbated by a deliberate campaign to obstruct aid delivery, thereby compounding the suffering of its 2.3 million inhabitants.

Jamal Rushdi, the official spokesperson for the Secretary-General, highlighted the systematic efforts to prevent vital assistance from reaching Gaza's population, culminating in the appalling scene witnessed at the Nabulsi roundabout.

Stressing the urgent need for a ceasefire, Aboul Gheit urged the international community to intensify pressure on Israeli Occupation to halt its indiscriminate violence and abide by international humanitarian law.

He underscored the imperative of holding all parties accountable and ensuring compliance with universally recognized legal norms to avert further loss of innocent lives.

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