Urban Dictionary adds 'Israeled' to its lexicon of informal language


Published: 2024-03-01 11:47

Last Updated: 2024-04-23 16:06

"Israeled" as defined on Urban Dictionary
"Israeled" as defined on Urban Dictionary

Social media has become abuzz with the recent discovery of a new term, "Israeled," emerging online following the onset of the Israeli Occupation aggression on Gaza since October 7.

Urban Dictionary, a widely-used website renowned for its collection of informal language expressions, has recently added "Israeled" to its lexicon.

According to Urban Dictionary, "Israeled" is defined as when someone claims ownership of your property, demands it from you forcefully, and the law somehow favors their actions.

Established in 1999, Urban Dictionary has become a popular platform for exploring definitions that are often absent from traditional dictionaries, particularly those related to internet culture and slang.

The website provided examples of using the term. For instance, if someone initially shares something with you but later claims ownership and forces you to give it up, you've been "Israeled."

Another example includes situations where someone requests to share something with you, then asserts their right to take it, removes you from the situation, and may even resort to violence if you resist.

In essence, "Israeled" has become a term used to describe instances of unjust acquisition or forceful appropriation, often involving a power imbalance or abuse of authority.

"Israel has israeled Palestine," posted the website as an example.