Aqaba Medical Sciences University boosts healthcare sector


Published: 2024-03-01 21:40

Last Updated: 2024-04-23 19:51

Aqaba Medical Sciences University boosts healthcare sector
Aqaba Medical Sciences University boosts healthcare sector

The inauguration of the Aqaba Medical Sciences University (AMSU) marks a significant milestone in Jordan's educational landscape. It stands as the nation's premier private academic institution with an affiliated teaching hospital, dedicated to advancing medical research and education.

Established in October 2022, the university encompasses faculties of medicine and dentistry, alongside a hospital in development with 200 beds and 48 outpatient clinics across various specialties. Equipped with ambulance services, emergency departments, medical labs, and a cancer treatment center, the institution aims to provide comprehensive healthcare services.

The conception of the university was driven by various national imperatives, including addressing the considerable number of Jordanian students studying medicine abroad. With approximately 20,000 expatriates pursuing medical education overseas, the initiative seeks to localize expertise and attract foreign students, particularly from Palestine, Egypt, and Gulf countries.

Currently hosting 220 students, Aqaba University is poised to graduate its inaugural class of 41 students in 2027. President Dr. Ahmed Hiasat underscores the institution's commitment to nurturing talent and combating unemployment by offering employment opportunities to nearly a thousand Jordanians.

With a faculty comprising 25 experts across diverse disciplines, the university is dedicated to providing students with hands-on clinical training and engaging in impactful medical research. This strategic approach aims to bolster the region's healthcare sector and position Aqaba as a hub for medical and therapeutic tourism.

Moreover, Aqaba University is forging partnerships with esteemed international institutions, such as the University of Western Australia and Newcastle University in the UK. These collaborations facilitate opportunities for students and faculty to pursue advanced degrees and exchange expertise, further enhancing the institution's academic standing.

As it looks ahead, Aqaba University remains committed to advancing medical education, delivering quality healthcare services, and contributing to the socio-economic development of Jordan and the wider region.