“Palestine Cola” released in Sweden as an alternative to boycotted drinks


Published: 2024-03-04 16:42

Last Updated: 2024-06-24 15:04

“Palestine Cola” released in Sweden as an alternative to boycotted drinks
“Palestine Cola” released in Sweden as an alternative to boycotted drinks

Two brothers from a Swedish-Palestinian family based in Malmö, Sweden released a new brand of carbonated beverages named “Palestine Cola” - aiming to provide an alternative to other boycotted drinks in addition to planning sending a portion of their income to support the Gaza Strip amidst the ongoing devastating “Israeli” aggression.

The company is completely independant, with no links to other soft drink manufacturers, and it has stated that any “surplus” in income once their sales generate a profit will go to carefully curated aid organizations that help Palestinians in need - according to their website.

It added that the tree on logo of the can represents an olive tree, as Palestine has been known for its olive groves since ancient times and now represents a symbol of value for Palestine.

The pattern at the bottom of the can represents the Palestinian keffiyeh, a traditional symbol for Palestinian nationalism; the net on the can also represents the fishing industry of Palestine; and the knots symbolize olive leaves due to the importance of olives in the history of Palestinian families.

The drink, which has only launched in one flavor with seven additional ones coming soon, is currently only sold in Malmö, Stockholm and Gothenburg, - but has garnered widespread support both in-stores and on social media, as the campaign to boycott all international brands and products which support “Israel” gained massive traction and is still ongoing.

“Palestine Drinks” stated that the goal of their company is for their drinks to eventually be available in all countries where people support their message and where anti-Palestinianism is frowned upon - and in all countries of the world.