Around 23,000 medical students in Jordanian universities, says Education Minister


Published: 2024-03-07 15:12

Last Updated: 2024-05-25 22:05


Azmi Mahafzah, the Minister of Education and Higher Education and Scientific Research, stated Thursday that there are approximately 23,000 medical students in medical colleges at Jordanian universities.

Mahafzah added during the proceedings of the first Medical Vision Conference (MedVision) organized by a group of pioneering young doctors with support from the specialized hospital, and in collaboration with the Medical Association and the University of Science and Technology and medical colleges at both the University of Jordan and Hashemite University, that these colleges graduate 4,000 students annually.

He noted that the ministry is working to reduce the number of admissions to medical colleges due to an excess in the number of graduates.

He pointed out that the surge in admissions to medical colleges was in 2019, and that the number of admissions this year has decreased due to the ministry's decision to 1,066, adding that next year the number of admissions will be around 600 students, as the ministry raised the percentage of studying medicine abroad to 90 percent from 85 percent.

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