Russia calls on Iran, “Israel” to exercise restraint


Published: 2024-04-11 14:00

Last Updated: 2024-06-15 07:30

Saint Basil's Cathedral
Saint Basil's Cathedral

Russia called on Iran and “Israel” to exercise restraint after the former issued fresh threats against “Israel” over an airstrike earlier this month that killed seven Iranian revolutionary guards including two Iranian generals in Damascus, Syria.

"It is very important for everybody to exercise restraint in order not to destabilize the region, which is already not gifted with stability or predictability," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters today, Thursday.

Iran has vowed to avenge the airstrike on Damascus that leveled the Iranian embassy's consular annex, killing seven IRGC members, including senior general Mohammad Reza Zahedi, a commander in the Quds Force in Syria and Lebanon.

Zahedi was the most senior Iranian soldier killed since the United States missile strike at Baghdad airport in 2020 which killed Qasem Soleimani - commander of the Quds force.

Earlier today, Mehr News Agency, a “semi-official” news agency of the Iranian government, stated that the country has suspended all air traffic over the capital Tehran starting from 12:00 AM Thursday to conduct “military drills” - according to a senior Iranian defense official cited by the agency.

The United States suspects that Iran may soon carry out missile strikes targeting military and government sites in the occupied territory, as reported by the American Bloomberg network.

Sources familiar with intelligence information stated to Bloomberg that Washington and its allies anticipate potential missile or drone attacks by Iran or its proxies on significant military and governmental installations in the occupied area.

One source expected that such attacks are perceived as inevitable based on intelligence assessments from both the US and the occupied territory, according to Bloomberg.

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