Jordanians respond to Iranian attack with humorous social media banter


Published: 2024-04-14 14:06

Last Updated: 2024-05-28 04:08

Missile fragment in Jordan
Missile fragment in Jordan

Jordanians took to social media platforms and online marketplaces with a touch of humor in response to Iran's missile and drone attack on Israeli Occupation on Saturday night, which had some projectiles landing in Jordanian territory.

In a display of witty banter, users shared mock listings on the "OpenSooq," offering Iran's missiles and drones for sale, complete with tongue-in-cheek descriptions.

Social media was abuzz with sarcastic tweets and posts, with some likening the Iranian attack to a "fireworks show," adding a lighthearted spin to the situation.

Videos circulated online captured fragments of missiles that seemingly landed in the skies of Amman and southern Jordan, prompting a humorous response from users.

As the Jordanian sky witnessed the passage of drones and missiles aimed at Israeli Occupation targets, locals documented the event with a blend of amusement and astonishment, capturing the interception of these projectiles and sharing the experience online.

Tehran's announcement of the attack prompted Jordanians to humorously navigate the situation, injecting a dose of levity into an otherwise tense moment.