Pleasant evening expected, temperature rise forecasted across Jordan


Published: 2024-04-16 14:53

Last Updated: 2024-05-28 09:48

Amman, Jordan.
Amman, Jordan.

Most recent weather forecasts revealed that Tuesday night's weather is expected to be pleasant with high clouds, while temperatures may dip in some areas towards dawn. Winds are predicted to be light and may change direction intermittently.

Wednesday, temperatures are forecasted to rise again, reaching approximately 30 degrees Celsius in many major cities. Daytime weather is anticipated to be hot in mountainous areas and relatively warm elsewhere. The Jordan Valley, Dead Sea, and Aqaba regions are expected to experience continued hot weather with moderate southerly to southwesterly winds, occasionally becoming active.

During the night, temperatures are expected to remain relatively warm across various regions, with light and variable winds, as reported by Arabia Weather website.


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