Dust storm hits Jordan Thursday


Published: 2024-04-18 13:41

Last Updated: 2024-07-04 17:19

Dust storm hits Jordan Thursday
Dust storm hits Jordan Thursday

The Acting Director of the Meteorological Department, Dr. Abdel Moneim Al-Qarala, warned of dusty weather sweeping across Jordan from Egypt and Palestine, affecting various regions with increasing intensity expected into the night.

He cautioned citizens about reduced visibility due to dust, particularly on desert roads, urging those with respiratory conditions to wear masks as a precaution.

The latest meteorological bulletin revealed that many areas will experience warm and dusty conditions, resulting in decreased visibility due to westerly winds of moderate to active strength.

Earlier, the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority issued a warning about an impending dust wave originating from northwestern Egypt, set to impact Aqaba Governorate in the hours ahead.

The authority advised residents to keep windows closed and avoid outdoor activities, especially individuals with respiratory issues like asthma, to safeguard public health. Additionally, the Authority's Environmental Commission is actively monitoring the dusty conditions and has implemented precautionary measures, including reducing industrial operations, to ensure public safety.