Aggression on Gaza enters 198th day


Published: 2024-04-21 10:21

Last Updated: 2024-05-26 20:46

Aggression on Gaza enters 198th day
Aggression on Gaza enters 198th day

On the 198th day of Israeli Occupation's aggression against Gaza, the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) have persisted in their attacks on both Gaza and the West Bank, resulting in casualties.

Israeli Occupation military bombed several areas in Gaza, causing casualties, and engaged in intense clashes with Palestinian resistance in central Gaza. Additionally, the Gaza Civil Defense recovered the bodies of 50 individuals who were buried in a mass grave by IOF at the Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Yunis.

Ismail Al-Thawabta, director of the Government Information Office in Gaza, accused Israeli Occupation Forces of deliberately targeting hospitals, especially in eastern Gaza, and converting the Nasser Medical Complex into an interrogation and torture center, where medical staff were also targeted. He claimed that 300 medical staff had been executed by IOF since the start of the continuous aggression 197 days ago, with the Shifa Medical Complex being turned into mass graves.

In the West Bank, tension escalated as Israeli Occupation Forces stormed the outskirts of a camp in Tulkarm after withdrawing from another camp, Nour Shams, following a two-day storming operation.

Thirteen casualties from Nour Shams camp were reported at Tulkarm Governmental Hospital, with the death toll reaching 14 since the previous evening. West Bank governorates declared a comprehensive strike in solidarity with Tulkarm and Gaza.

During the siege on Nour Shams camp, IOF conducted raids, searches, and arrests in Palestinian homes, causing further unrest.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza reported a total of 34,049 casualties and 76,901 wounded since October 7.


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