King Abdullah II commends Madaba's role in Jordan's development


Published: 2024-04-22 15:10

Last Updated: 2024-06-15 06:29

King Abdullah II commends Madaba's role in Jordan's development
King Abdullah II commends Madaba's role in Jordan's development

His Majesty King Abdullah II emphasized Jordan's ongoing ability to succeed through the determination and perseverance of its people.

During his meeting with dignitaries and representatives from Madaba Governorate on Monday, in the presence of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, the King stressed that Madaba represents a symbol of coexistence and generosity, reflecting an ideal picture of diversity in Jordan.

At the meeting held at the Mount Nebo site on the occasion of the silver jubilee, His Majesty expressed that the historical and religious significance of the governorate drives us to achieve new accomplishments, especially in the tourism sector, highlighting the importance of Madaba's residents benefiting from available opportunities.

The King commended the ongoing developmental efforts in Madaba across all sectors, particularly in agriculture, expressing pride in the educational institutions and knowledge centers in the governorate, which are a source of pride for all Jordanians.

"I am proud to be among my dear brothers and sisters, the people of Madaba, on Mount Nebo, which represents the history and civilization of our country," His Majesty said.

During his address, the King also praised the efforts of retired military personnel.

Meanwhile, Madaba Governor Naif Al-Hdaiat reviewed the journey of achievement and development witnessed by Jordan during the reign of His Majesty the King, which has reflected on the lives of the nation's sons and daughters, congratulating His Majesty on the occasion of the silver jubilee.

Al-Hdaiat added that Jordan's stability and prosperity are the result of Jordanians' unity and rallying around their leadership and the flag of the nation, expressing pride in Jordan's honorable positions led by His Majesty the King towards Arab brethren.

Upon his arrival at the Mount Nebo site, His Majesty enjoyed a folklore performance presented by the Madaba Forum Association, along with a welcoming poem composed by poet Ali Al-Maayaah Al-Azaydeh.

Before the meeting, King Abdullah, accompanied by Queen Rania, visited the Madaba Visitors Center, which highlights the historical, geographical, and religious significance of Madaba through the ages.

During his tour, His Majesty received a briefing from Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Majd Shweikeh on the heritage, religious, and cultural routes in the governorate.

The King also inspected the King's Highway mural, the largest mosaic mural in the world.

His Majesty awarded the Silver Jubilee Medal to individuals and institutions in Madaba Governorate, in appreciation of their contributions to serving Jordan, especially the local community.

Here are the names of the honored individuals and institutions with the Silver Jubilee Medal:

Sheikh Khalid Sulaiman bin Tareef
Suleiman Awad Abu Ghaith
Dr. Riyad Jeries Al-Yacoub
Dr. Jihad Salameh Al-Mlete
Samer Salem Al-Tawal, received by his brother Majdi Al-Tawal
Halima Falah Al-Maayaah
Madaba City Mall, received by the mall's owner Mohammed Al-Shawabka
Mas Al-Safi Factory, received by the Deputy CEO Hani Al-Maharmeh
Haran Atiya Al-Qaisi
Dr. Asrar Musbah Al-Qubilat
Fawaz Abdul Rahman Al-Azaydeh
Mohannad Hamad Al-Syuf
Wael Nayef Al-Dabbas
Yazid Wafi Al-Kharoub
Jordan Jewel for Mosaics, received by Anas Bani Hani
Raad Khader Thaiban
Abdullah Abdul Hafiz Al-Barizat
Haret Jdoudna Restaurant, received by Wadah Jameean
Bani Hmaidah Weaving Project, received by its president Amal Al-Quaideh
Hazem Youssef Al-Fuqaha
Intisar Hussein Harb
The Walah Fish Farming Project, received by Rakan Al-Hayssa.
Madaba Equestrian Club, received by the club's president, Dr. Abdulhafiz Abu Wandi.
Youth 42 Foundation, received by Hashem Al-Masarweh.
Wisam Al-Ataa Charitable Organization, received by the society's president, Sanaa Al-Da'amesh.

The meeting was attended by Prime Minister Dr. Bisher Al-Khasawneh, Royal Hashemite Court Chief Yousef Hassan Al-Issawi, His Majesty's Office Director Dr. Jaafar Hassan, and His Majesty's Advisor for Tribal Affairs Knaian Al-Blwi.