Caution advised on Thursday as Jordan sees Khamsin winds


Published: 2024-04-24 15:09

Last Updated: 2024-07-13 06:05

Amman, Jordan.
Amman, Jordan.

Wednesday’s weather will be warmer than usual and moderate in most areas, with high-level clouds forming and southeast winds of moderate speed - per ArabiaWeather’s forecasts.

The kingdom will be affected by a depression as the hot air mass is expected to peak tomorrow, Thursday.

This will coincide with Khamsin winds, accompanied by increasing concentrations of dust in the atmosphere to varying degrees. The weather will be hot in all regions of the kingdom and extremely hot in the Jordan Valley, Dead Sea, and Aqaba, where temperatures may reach or exceed forty degrees Celsius, with high-level clouds forming, and southeast winds moderate to brisk, stirring up dust to varying degrees.

Thursday night, the weather will become moderate to mild in most areas, with medium and high clouds forming, and light variable winds.

Recommendations issued by ArabiaWeather:

- Avoid prolonged direct exposure to the sun in all regions of the kingdom.
- Do not leave children inside closed vehicles, even for a short period.
- Do not leave any flammable materials inside closed vehicles.
- Properly dispose of cigarettes to prevent fires.
- Pay attention to patients of respiratory diseases due to the increase in dust concentration in the atmosphere to varying degrees.

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