Journalist Mohammed Bassam Al-Jamal joins martyred journalists in Gaza


Published: 2024-04-25 10:48

Last Updated: 2024-07-04 10:30

Death of a Palestinian Journalist in Gaza
Death of a Palestinian Journalist in Gaza

Journalist Mohammed Bassam Al-Jamal died due to wounds he sustained during an Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) raid on a home east of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, said Palestinian sources Thursday.

The total number of journalists and media workers who have died in the Strip has reached 139 after the death of Al-Jamal.

The Islamic Resistance Movement (aka Hamas) stated that the IOF's continuous prevention of international media access to the Strip aims to block media coverage of its crimes and massacres against the Palestinian people over the past months.

Hamas has called for breaking the international silence and pressuring the IOF to allow media access to prevent further crimes away from the eyes of the media and witnesses to the genocide.


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