Traffic department warnings fail to curb sudden lane changes


Published: 2024-04-30 11:46

Last Updated: 2024-06-24 17:20

Traffic policeman in Amman
Traffic policeman in Amman

The Central Traffic Department latest report on Tuesday spoke on Amen FM that traffic personnel and highway patrols dealt with several incidents and obstructions to traffic flow in the past hour.

The report noted an incident involving a truck overturning on the Desert Highway, which resulted in moderate injuries to the driver.

The cause was cited as failure to take necessary safety precautions.

A Traffic Department representative explained on Amen FM that despite repeated warnings, violations related to sudden lane changes continue to cause accidents and traffic congestion.

Additionally, the report covered a collision between two vehicles on the Desert Highway, resulting in moderate injuries to two individuals.

The representative emphasized that the Department is continuing to intensify automated surveillance to enforce laws against serious violations such as crossing the median strip, driving in the wrong direction, using mobile phones while driving, and speeding.


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