Man strangles, kills wife over suspicions of infidelity


Published: 2024-05-04 11:32

Last Updated: 2024-06-24 17:19

Man with a knife
Man with a knife

The Grand Criminal Court on Saturday sentenced a man to 20 years in prison with hard labor for strangling and stabbing his wife eight times in the neck with a kitchen knife - after a marital dispute fueled by the husband's suspicions of his wife's behavior.

During a public session, the Grand Criminal Court convicted the man on charges of first-degree murder.

The couple have two together. Their relationship was marked by domestic violence, stemming from ongoing disputes over living arrangements, among other issues.

The court learned that the husband intended to move out of the apartment shared with his wife to live with his relatives. However, his wife remained in their apartment with their children. The husband frequently visited to check on his family, leading to the tragic event.

The confrontation escalated when the husband saw an unfamiliar man near their apartment and engaged in a scuffle with him. After the altercation, the man fled when the husband went to fetch a rope to restrain him and hand him over to the police.

Suspicious of his wife's fidelity, the husband attempted to check her phone for any incriminating messages but was unable to access it due to a security code. This fueled his anger further.

Later, during a private conversation about the stranger, the discussion turned violent. The husband strangled his wife until she was weakened and then stabbed her multiple times with a knife from the kitchen, breaking the blade in her neck, resulting in her death.

He disposed of the knife, washed his hands in the bathroom, and left the scene. The victim was found with eight stab wounds in her neck. The court's decision is subject to appeal.


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