IMAGES - Anti-Narcotics Department conducts widespread drug sweep across Jordan


Published: 2024-05-04 12:39

Last Updated: 2024-06-24 17:19

Seized weapons, drugs from Anti-Narcotics Department raids. (Photo: Public Security Department)
Seized weapons, drugs from Anti-Narcotics Department raids. (Photo: Public Security Department)

The Anti-Narcotics Department arrested 34 individuals including dangerous criminals and drug traffickers in widespread raids across Jordan - according to a statement released today by the Public Security Department (PSD).

The department seized significant quantities of drugs such as Joker powder (synthetic Hashish), narcotic pills, and two firearms in Irbid. Additionally, authorities confiscated one kilogram of Joker, half a kilogram of crystal meth, hashish, and “images” of currency for the purposes of counterfeiting money in the Northern Badia region.

In a big operation in Karak, 30,000 narcotic pills, 1.6 kilograms of hashish, and four firearms were seized. A drug dealer with 21 outstanding warrants, considered among the most dangerous in the Central Badia area, was also arrested.

The PSD stated that the Anti-Narcotics Department continued its diligent efforts to tackle all forms of drug dealing, trafficking, and promotion. Notable security campaigns included raids in West Irbid, where nine individuals were detained, and extensive operations in Northern Badia and Aqaba, leading to more arrests and drug confiscations.

In another notable case in Karak, a high-risk drug dealer was located and arrested, found with large quantities of drugs and firearms. Similarly, a notorious drug promoter in the Central Badia was apprehended, facing 21 drug-related charges.

Operations also extended to the Ar-Ramtha, where two crystal meth smugglers were caught at the border after days of surveillance, found with one kilogram of the substance. In Mafraq, two drug traffickers were arrested during the transport of thousands of narcotic pills.

In Ma'an, two drug dealers were captured with 12 pieces of hashish, and in Irbid, two drug promoters were found with 10,000 narcotic pills and quantities of deadly crystal meth. Lastly, a police force raided a suspicious house in West Balqa, where the owner had been cultivating marijuana plants.

All cases and detained individuals have been transferred to the state prosecutor at the State Security Court.

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