Amman experiences heavy rainfall, causing traffic accidents


Published: 2024-05-06 10:25

Last Updated: 2024-07-13 08:52

Amman experiences heavy rainfall, causing traffic accidents
Amman experiences heavy rainfall, causing traffic accidents

Amman, Jordan's capital city, has been hit by heavy rainfall since early morning on Monday, coinciding with the country being affected by a second-degree air depression.

The downpour led to numerous vehicular accidents due to slippery road and some drivers failing to maintain a safe distance.

Central Traffic Department revealed that more than 10 traffic accidents occurred on Monday morning in Amman alone, involving dozens of vehicles.

- Morning Rush Complicates Matters -

The early morning hours during weekdays are peak hours for vehicle movement in Amman as residents commute to work.

The high number of accidents caused crises disrupting traffic movement in several vital areas, including the Fourth Circle, Third Circle, and Seventh Circle, as well as areas near Jabal Al-Qusour and near King Hussein Medical City.

- Traffic Department's Response -

The Central Traffic Department affirmed that its field staff are working extensively to clear vehicles stuck due to slides and accidents. Efforts are being made to facilitate vehicle movement in congested areas.

In a statement, the department urged drivers to exercise caution due to prevailing weather conditions, avoid speeding, and maintain a safe distance between vehicles.

- Weather Outlook -

On Monday, Jordan experiences relatively cold and humid air along with an air depression extension, causing temperatures to drop below average by about (6-7) °C.

The weather will be relatively cold in most regions, warm in the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and Aqaba. Partly cloudy to cloudy skies are expected with rain showers, especially in the north, center, and parts of the east, potentially heavy in the north for a short period with thunderstorms. Active northwesterly winds are expected with strong gusts and dust in desert areas.

Jordan's Meteorological Department warned of low horizontal visibility due to fog in mountainous areas, the risk of road slipping in rainy areas, and low visibility due to dust in desert areas.


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