Hundreds of beggars detained in Jordan during April


Published: 2024-05-15 13:39

Last Updated: 2024-07-22 09:19

Hundreds of beggars detained in Jordan during April
Hundreds of beggars detained in Jordan during April

The Ministry of Social Development in Jordan released a report on Wednesday detailing the services provided in April 2024. According to the report, the ministry conducted 372 anti-begging campaigns, resulting in the detention of 621 beggars.

The report also highlighted other social services, including processing 4919 transactions related to social studies for granting health insurance to poor families, 192 transactions for medical expense exemptions, and 70 transactions for inheritance rights settlements.

Additionally, the ministry licensed 9 nurseries, placed 35 children in child care homes, and had 28 children leave care. Six children were delivered to alternative families. There were also 1683 transactions processed for work permit fee exemptions.

Regarding the general registry of associations, the cumulative number of registered and active associations under the current Associations Law reached 6351. There were 12 local associations registered, 27 associations requested amendments to their constitutions, 73 associations were dissolved, 9 received warnings, and 9 temporary bodies concluded their operations, along with 7 dissolution committees completing their work.

The report also covered the beneficiaries of the National Aid Fund's services, with 722 families receiving emergency financial aid and 50910 families benefiting from the monthly financial aid program. Additionally, 179544 families were part of the unified cash support program, 46 families received physical rehabilitation aids, 82 families participated in training programs, and 90 families were involved in employment programs. The response rate to calls received by the fund was 94%.