EU demands immediate halt to 'Israeli' military operation in Rafah


Published: 2024-05-15 14:09

Last Updated: 2024-07-14 01:17

EU's Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell
EU's Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell

The European Union Wednesday called on "Israel" to immediately cease its military operation in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip.

The EU's Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell warned that failure to promptly halt military activities could negatively impact relations between the EU and Israel, according to a statement.

Borrell described the Israeli Occupation aggression in Gaza as causing significant suffering to the residents of the area, labeling the humanitarian situation there as a "man-made disaster."

In his concluding remarks at Stanford University, Borrell expressed concern over the American side's exhaustion in seeking a resolution to the ongoing war on gaza, highlighting the EU's efforts with Arab countries to achieve a lasting two-state solution.