Family reveals harrowing details of brutal knife attack in Amman


Published: 2024-05-20 19:56

Last Updated: 2024-06-18 19:33

Man with a knife.
Man with a knife.

The family of a man in his 20s, who has been hospitalized in a private facility since last Saturday after being brutally assaulted and disfigured by the owner of a water tanker and four other accomplices, shared details about the incident.

The victim's father told Roya, "My son was not involved in the dispute between me and the owner of the water tanker, who used to fill the water tank for JD 10 for every three meters."

He explained that about two months ago, a disagreement arose when the tanker owner sent someone else who filled the tank with only two meters of water for JD 10. "I informed him that I usually get three meters of water for JD10, but the person he sent did not take kindly to my complaint," the father said.

The victim's father requested an invoice and the water source information from the tanker driver to submit to the environmental police, but his request was denied due to the refusal to provide the additional meter of water.

He recounted that the owner of the tanker, along with others, came to his house in the Abu Nseir area, resulting in a heated verbal altercation. They were given JD10 and left.

A month ago, the father filed a complaint against the tanker owner and the other attackers for attempting to assault their home, but both parties later dropped the complaint.

The victim's father said his son, who works as a security guard at a construction site in Abu Nseir, was unaware of these previous disputes.

On the day of the attack, the son called his father half an hour before the incident, asking him to send one of his siblings with the caravan keys he had forgotten. The father refused, fearing for his children’s safety after previous threats from the tanker owner.

"Five minutes later, my son called again, screaming for help, saying, ‘They’re killing me... They’re cutting me... The tanker owner disfigured me’," the father recounted.

He immediately rushed to his son's workplace with his other children, contacted the police and civil defense, and his son was transported to the hospital in critical condition.

Voicing trust in the fairness of the Jordanian judiciary, the father vowed not to give up on his son's rights. He also appealed for assistance in transferring his son to a public hospital, as he cannot afford private hospital bills.