Moderate air mass to bring cooler temperatures to Jordan


Published: 2024-05-22 18:44

Last Updated: 2024-06-18 22:14

Moderate air mass to bring cooler temperatures to Jordan
Moderate air mass to bring cooler temperatures to Jordan

Jordan is set to experience a shift in weather conditions as a moderate temperature air mass moves across southern Europe towards the Mediterranean Sea on Friday and Saturday.

According to forecasts from the Arabia Weather website, this moderate air mass will result in a noticeable drop in temperatures, particularly during the nighttime hours. Residents, especially those in elevated areas, may need to consider wearing a light coat during late-night hours.

Temperatures are expected to dip below average for this time of year by approximately two degrees Celsius starting Friday. The weather will be moderate across various regions of the country, with maximum temperatures reaching the mid-twenties Celsius in most Jordanian cities. However, temperatures in the Jordan Valley and Aqaba are forecasted to hover around the mid-thirties Celsius, with relatively hotter weather in those areas.

The moderate weather pattern is anticipated to persist into Saturday, with low clouds appearing, particularly in the early morning hours. Scattered showers of rain are possible in parts of Irbid Governorate during the morning.

Active winds are also expected, causing dust waves in the south and east of Jordan, including desert roads, on both Friday and Saturday. Additionally, northwesterly winds are forecasted to gradually intensify during the afternoon and evening hours, with strong gusts exceeding 60 km/hour in the southern and eastern regions.

As nighttime approaches, temperatures are set to drop once again, bringing relatively cold nights across all regions. Minimum temperatures in the capital, Amman, are expected to range between 14-16 degrees Celsius, while temperatures at the peaks of the Sharah Mountains will be around 10-12 degrees Celsius.

Arabia Weather advises caution when driving on desert roads during the afternoon due to the windy conditions and potential dust storms.