'Catastrophic error in Rafah massacre, investigation underway,' says Netanyahu


Published: 2024-05-27 18:37

Last Updated: 2024-06-18 22:24

Benjamin Netanyahu.
Benjamin Netanyahu.

"Israeli" Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commented on the Rafah massacre, where the occupation army targeted tents and centers housing displaced people, claiming a catastrophic mistake occurred in Rafah and an investigation is underway.

Netanyahu stated on Monday, "Al-Sinwar is the only obstacle to the release of the detainees, not me."

He claimed to hear voices doubting the ability to achieve victory and said that the goal is to defeat Hamas and release the captives. Netanyahu also met with the families of the captives and promised them that he would spare no effort to return their loved ones to their homes.

Since the end of December, Netanyahu mentioned that he received five demands from the negotiating team to expand its powers, all of which he agreed to.

He claimed that he is not prepared to end the war before achieving all its objectives and will continue to fight until victory is achieved, according to his allegations.

In a new challenge to international pressure, Netanyahu said: "I will not surrender and I will face pressure from inside and outside, and there is no alternative to overwhelming victory."