White House: “Israel has not yet crossed a red line”


Published: 2024-05-29 12:33

Last Updated: 2024-07-14 16:19

John Kirby.
John Kirby.

The White House confirmed on Tuesday that President Biden is not currently considering halting arms shipments or other aid to “Israel”, stating that the massacre in Rafah earlier this week had not yet crossed a red line that would force changes in American support.

In a press conference, US National Security Spokesman John Kirby stated that the US would seek answers from “Israel”, which is conducting an investigation into the strike on Rafah.

“At this moment, there are no policy changes to announce. The strike just occurred,” Kirby said to reporters. “Israel will investigate, and we will closely follow the results of that investigation. We will see what conclusions they reach.”

Kirby stressed the importance of “Israel” taking measures to protect civilian lives and cautioned against “Israel” becoming increasingly isolated from its allies. However, he noted there was no evidence of a military campaign severe enough to make Biden reconsider US support.